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Thermoplast, Everest Patio Door Handle - Bronze

Part Number: 14401
Price: See Description

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Thermoplast Surface mount Handle with 6-9/16 inch screw hole spacing.
Double hook locks, Fits 1-5/8 inch thick vinyl door.
Green and Red indicator for Open and Lock Position
Uses an Extra Long wafer style key Cylinder.
Door Thickness: 1-5/8 inch
This style of handle is not available, the standard replacement looks similar with same screw hole pattern- See 14361 White Finish

Replacement Options:
14361 - New Style handleset - No Key Lock - White
14360 - Outside handle only with Keyed Cylinder - White
(14360 can not be used with original handle set, must be used with 14361 to create an exterior keyed lock)
14014 - Black Handle set, Single hook, 4-9/16 screws ( need to drill new hole)