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Stud Bracket, Clip On Type, Left Hand - Old Style

Part Number: 55109599

Discontinued - Replace with 551093

Old Style Truth Stud Bracket with notch, used on casement windows
LIMITED to existing inventory - replace with new style when gone

The new style looks different, but works on many more applications - See additional pictures
The stud brackets came in 2 types
1. Clip on has a metal clip that slides onto the stud
2. Snap On has a small ring around the stud and arms snaps on
** Note: if you have the old style Clip on type, the new style snap on will work. You will need to remove the snap ring from the bracket or remove the clip from the operator.

Markings on Brackets: 40447 / 40448 Brassy color
Replaced: Wright Hardware # 07867 / 07868 black color bracket