G-U / Ferco Multipoint Lock Hardware

G-U was an early entry in the US market. The GU had a unique handle height of 35 inches.
FERCO 528 & 635 were used by Atrium Door and Window. Replace with G-U Roller or Shootbolt versions.
Ferco merged with G-U to combine their product lines.
To insure you select the correct Multipoint Lock please see our Multipoint Lock Glossary Of Terms to better understand the following terms:
Handle Height, Backset, Locking Device, Locking Position, Overall Length, Faceplate Width, Deadbolt Throw

Multipoint Lock Introduction
GU/Ferco Infosheet
If you cannot find the lock you are looking for or looking to replace, please fill out the G-U / Ferco Worksheet for your lock and send it to us here.

G-U Single Point Locks
Ferco 528 / 635 Locks
GU Multipoint Lock-Rhino EUROPA with Hooks
GU Multipoint Lock-Tripact EUROPA w/ Tongues
Key Above Lever</font>, Wolverine NEW BREED with Shoot-bolts
GU Multipoint Lock-Eagle NEW BREED w/ Latch Bolts
GU Multipoint Lock-Panther NEW BREED w/ Tongues
GU Old-Style Locks and Miscellaneous Parts
G-U / Ferco Handles for Multipoint lock Hardware
GU Lockable Gear-Slide-Fold Doors
Miscellaneous lock cases and repair parts.
Strike plates, screws, lock plates for G-U / Ferco Locking Systems
Handle extensions and spindles for use with G-U / Ferco multipoint locks and handles
Cylinders and replacement tailpieces for G-U / Ferco Locks