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Roto Roller Multi-Point Lock 45/92 ; 79" - Discontinued, SEE NOTES

Part Number: 499090099
Price: See Description

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Roto Multi-Point lock hardware, Roller Version - Discontinued; Conversion Required.

This Roller Version lock has 1-3/4 inch Backset, 3-5/8 Handle Spacing.
Overall length about 78-5/8 inches,
Handle height 36-1/8 inches,
Bottom Roller Position located about 27-3/8 Below handle,
Top Roller Position located about 32-1/2 Above handle.

Please review all pictures - If your lock body looks like the pictures you have an old style - Obsolete. Must be replaced with new style lock body or complete replacement.

NOTE: If Replacing an old style Roto with new style Roto; the Gear Box is 23/32 inches different. It will be necessary to lower the Strike Plate about 3/4 inch to match with the new latch and deadbolt; and the door will need to be notched about 3/4 inch to accommodate the new Multipoint lock body. Remember to measure the backset either 1-3/8 (35mm) or 1-3/4 inch (45mm) when ordering.

Replacement Options:
Option 1 - Complete replacement see # 4990219 (45mm) (Replacement Instructions)
Option 2 - Complete replacement with HOPPE Shootbolt Version

Option 3 - If you are replacing a Roto lock in a Weathershield door, Weathershield recommends replacement with part #4990917

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