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Replacement Kit for 77 inch Automatic Roundbolt Multipoint Lock

Part Number: 4990246-KIT
Price: $242.82

This is a complete Replacement Multipoint Lock Kit for the Discontinued 77" Fuhr Auto Roundbolt Multipoint Lock.

The main difference between these locks is the function.
The Discontinued Lock was an Automatic
The Replacement is a Manual

It features one Roundbolt Latch at 32-1/8" above the Handle Cylinder
There is another Roundbolt Latch at 26-5/16\" below the Handle Cylinder
There is NOT an Automatic Release Roller on this lock.

Replacement Kit Lock Measurements:
Backset - 45mm (1-3/4")
Handle Height - 36"
Faceplate Width - 16mm (5/8")
Handle Spacing (PZ) - 92mm (3-5/8")
Deadbolt Throw - 1"
Roundbolt Throw - 3/4"
Roundbolt Gear Box Length - 5-1/8"
Roundbolt Gear Box Depth - 1-3/4"
Overall Length - 72-1/4" to 78-3/4"
Main Lock Body Length - 7-5/16\"
Main Lock Body Depth - 2-1/2\"

This Replacement Kit is the closest you can get to an exact replacement.
It will require some modifications to the Door Jamb.

Guide to Replacement Process: Replacing FUHR Roundbolt Multipoint Lock

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