Door Bottoms and Sweeps

DDoor Bottoms / Door Sweeps for wood, vinyl, metal and fiberglass doors
Most sweeps are for 1-3/4 " thick exterior doors
The standard length is 36" and are cut shorter as needed
We Offer 42" & 48" slide-on, staple-on, and snap-in door bottom sweeps in some styles
If you don't see what you need, please contact office

Note: In cold weather, fins of some door sweeps may not immediately straighten out if they are squished in shipping. This can be quickly corrected by letting them sit in your warm home or by a heating vent for a few hours. If you need it to straighten quickly, please heat up carefully with a blow dryer. 

For Doors with Adjustable Sills:
In General-steps to adjust an adjustable threshold
Turn screws clockwise to lower the threshold riser (when the sweep is dragging too much when the door opens).
Turn screws counter-clockwise to raise the threshold riser (when the sweep is not making good contact/seal with the threshold).
Adjust each screw a little at a time, not all at once.
Adjusting the threshold riser too high can cause damage to the sweep.

L-Shape Door Sweeps
Pocket door bottom fits into channel in bottom of door
Slide-On Door Sweeps
Snap-In Door Bottoms
Staple-On Door Bottom for 1-3/4 or 2-1/4 doors
Wrap-Around Door Bottom Sweeps