Basement Windows, Replacement Inserts

Basement Replacement Window Inserts replace Columbia, Monarch and Kewanee Brands

INSTALLATION-Easy 1 minute install, snap out old, snap in new

Information page: How to choose a window + removal/installation guide

Video: How to Replace Basement Window Inserts

Kewanee Replacement Basement Window Inserts: Basic Information

Several Options and a variety of sizes-Please compare measurements and designs

SIZES- Look the same, but shapes, hardware and dimensions vary*

INSERTS- Made to replace 3 manufacturers: Columbia, Monarch and Kewanee

TYPES- Single Pane, Double Pane, Aluminum and Vinyl replacement inserts

*NOTE: Custom window pane inserts are available--call to order.

Single Pane Glass, Aluminum Frame
Dual, double pane glass, insulated glass
Aluminum Frame, Double pane insulated glass
Dual Pane, insulated glass basement window
Basement window, vinyl frame, double pane glass
Vinyl frame basement insert, insulated glass
Vinyl frame, insulated glass, basement window insert