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Peachtree Prado Handle Set For Hinged Patio Door Hardware Weiser Key Door Lock and Handle

Part Number: 14421-WR
Price:$245.47 to $285.98
Peachtree Prado Hinged Patio Door Hardware Handle Set with Spring and Deadbolt Latch.
This is the handle set for the Single point lock.
If your door has a bolt at both the bottom and the top as well as the standard middle location, then you are probably looking for the IPD Multi-point lock Handle 37400021.
Please check pictures for reference.
This part replaces Peachtree Part # 06200031.

Spindle Diameter : 1/4 inch ( 7mm)
Spindle Length: 2-1/2 inch (63mm)
Backset 2-3/8 inch
Center of Latches is 6-3/32 inches
Cross Bore: 2-1/8 inch - Will fit 1-3/4 inch hole if spacing tabs are removed
Spring Latch Backset 2-3/8 inch
Centerline: Latch & Dead bolt spaced at 6-3/32 inches.
Latch: Square Corner Face plate
Escutcheon Plate: Traditional Style
Door Thickness: Screws for 1-3/4 Inch door

Polished Brass
Brushed/Satin Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze - NO FINISH WARRANTY, some instances of chipping and flaking due to environmental exposure

Key Cylinder: Weiser Keyway - 5 Pin Rekeyable to Kwikset or Dexter
*Optional: to make a Schlage keyway, please purchase 15031 key cylinder (or 15032 if you have multiple handles you want keyed alike to a Schlage)

The only difference between a Schlage Keyway and a Weiser Keyway is the shape of the keys themselves.
The functionality of the two keyways are the same, however...
The Schlage Keyway is rekeyable to Schlage keys ONLY.
The Weiser Keyway is rekeyable to Weiser, Kwikset , Weslock, Master and old Dexter keys.

These Peachtree Handle Sets are shipped in clear blister pack which can put minor rub marks on the surface.
Some shipping carriers do not handle packages with care, Minor scratches or blemishes that occur in shipping are not defects.

1. The Levers can be reversed by removing a screw and switching from one side to the other.
2. The lockset is set up for a 2-1/8" bore in door panel. If your door has a 1-3/4" bore, the 4 stud posts can be removed.

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Prado = 1 Point Lock

IPD Citadel = 3 Point Lock