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How to Replace the Bushing on Patio Door Handlesets

How to Replace the Bushing on Patio Door Handlesets

(including those on Peachtree IPD, Pease, Hurd and Pozzi doors)

A common problem with patio door handlesets is cracked bushing. If the door lock cannot be engaged from one side of the door (but can from the other), a cracked bushing is the likely culprit. The bushing, or interior gasket that connects the handle to the spindle, is often made of plastic, which can crack over time after extensive use.

The best solution is also a quick and easy one. We'll demonstrate how to remove the plastic bushing kit and replace it with a more substantial metal one: part #40050 (shown below).

How to Replace Bushing on Patio Door Handles

  1. Remove escutcheon plates from door by removing screws from interior side of door.
  2. Turn escutcheon plate over so handle is on bottom. Loosen screw in center of bushing to remove handle.

  1. Use a small flat-tipped screwdriver to pry off C-shaped retainer.

  1. Use the screwdriver again, if needed, to carefully pry off metal plate underneath retainer. Spring will fly off bushing when metal plate is removed.

  1. Lift escutcheon plate to remove bushing.

  1. To replace plastic bushing kit with metal bushing kit, insert new metal bushing into handle hole.
  2. Take a small screwdriver and thread it into the spring. Use your hands to "scrunch " the spring as much as possible. This will make it easier to fit the spring onto the bushing.

  1. Stick both ends of the spring in place. The loop of the rest of the spring will stick out a bit. Slowly and carefully compress and push the loop of the spring in place.

  1. Holding the spring in place on top of the bushing with one hand, fit the metal plate on top of the bushing. There are two small tabs on the inside of the metal plate that match notches on the bushing. Line these up so that the downward-facing tab on the outside of the metal plate is lined up with the bottom screw hole in the escutcheon plate.

  1. Push down on the metal plate. You should hear one click when the plate fits into a groove on the bushing. Keep pushing until you hear another click and the plate slides down past the groove.
  2. Fit the C-shaped retainer on top of the metal plate so that the opening of the "C" is facing to the side, not up or down. The retainer should be secure in the groove on the bushing.

  1. Replace handle, tightening the screw in the bushing until the handle is secure.
  2. Test operation of handle to ensure that turning it makes the spring move.
  3. Reinstall handles and test handle and lock with door open. If you test lock with the door closed and it doesn't work, you won't be able to get in or out.

Parts Used:

Metal Bushing Replacement Kit: part #40050

We also have a video of this replacement process available: How to Replace the Bushing in a Patio Door Handle