Papaiz MZ35 Storm Door LOCK

Part Number: 301012
Price: $65.00

Papaiz Storm Door Lock: Complete Mortise Lockset : MZ-35Ê
Includes: brass plated handles, trim plates, 323 Slimline Lockcase.

POLISHED BRASS is the only finish available for the MZ35 handle set.  For Black, Satin Chrome or Brushed Chrome, replace with MZ33 handle set.

The 323 Lockcase uses a 13/16 inch wide by 7-11/16 inch face plate for the spring latch and the deadbolt.
The Papaiz storm door lockset comes with a Double Cylinder, key on both sides lock w/ 2 keys.Ê
Will replace most Pado, Emtek, Emco, Juralco, and Wright brands.
Fits doors from 1 to 1-3/8 inch thick.

Outside trim plate screw holes spaced: 6-9/16"
Lock faceplate screw holes spaced: 6-15/16"

NOTE: If door is 1-1/2 inches thick Use 301006 or 301007, the thicker doors requires longer spindle and screws.

Can be replaced with 302042 but you will have to redrill the holes in your door for the faceplate; new faceplate will cover old holes.

See article on Changing Mortise Locks.

For help with installation of Papaiz locks, please read Papaiz Lock Installation Instructions

This product is similar to or the same as the following part numbers in these brands:
Strybuc Industries: 19-44KK