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Inactive Flushbolt Rod, 24mm Backset, Flip Lever - Brass

Part Number: 2391199
Price: $209.30

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Inactive flushbolt rod used on double French doors.
There are several Options: Please Review Images

This Item has been Discounted and is limited to existing inventory 

Width of Face Plate - 3/4 inch (20mm)
FacePlate End: Radius
Face Plate Finish: Polished Brass (F71)
Rod Backset: 0.94 (24 mm) From edge of faceplate to center of rod
Rod Diameter: 5/16 (8 mm) Thread
Rods in Extended / Locked position: 8.80 inches (223.5mm)
Rods in Retracted / Unlocked position: 7.60 inches (193mm)
Overall Flushbolt Body Length: 9.84 inches ( 250mm)
Country of origin: Germany
Priced and sold each.

Available Options
Face Plate Finish - Brass or Brushed Stainless
Rod Backset: 3 possible - 0.94 (24 mm); 1.02 (26 mm) ; 1.18 inches (30 mm)
Rod Diameter: 2 Possible - 5/16 (8 mm) or 3/8 inch (10 mm)
Rod Length: Varies -Top & Bottom Rods may be cut to size if to long

To Determine Rod length - Not Included
1. Bottom handle height, minus 4.8125 plus rod length = handle height
2. Top handle height, plus 2.5 inches plus rod length = door panel handle height
Note: add rod lengths Plus 7.3125 inches = overall door panel length