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Hoppe F1713, 2009 Set Hinge, LHI / RHO - Gold

Part Number: 3033916
Price: $32.63

Hoppe New 2009 Ultimate Adjustable Hinge
* Adjusts both vertically (Set Hinge) and horizontally (Guide Hinge) by +/- 1/8" (+/- 3mm) for a perfect swing without costly repairs or carpentry work
* Large 3/16" hex head screws make adjustments effortless, and prevent the stripping that can occur on comparable products with Phillips head or smaller hex head adjustment screws
* All Set Hinges are equipped with non-removable pins for security, making HOPPE hinges the ideal solution for both inswing and outswing doors

Material: Aluminum
Hinge Type: Set for Vertical Adjustment
Hinge Style: NRP - Non Removable Pin - Hinges does not come apart
Color / Finish: Gold
Size: 4 inches Wide by 3-5/8 tall (Set additional images)
Handed: Yes - LHI (Left hand inswing) RHO (Right hand outswing)

Opposite Handing (Right hand inswing/left hand outswing) available here: 3033924 - Hoppe F1713, 2009 Set Hinge, RHI / LHO - Gold

Guide Hinge in Gold: 3033852 - Hoppe F1713, 2009 Guide Hinge, Gold

A 3 hinge door will have 1 set hinge (mi(more...)

Screws are not included with hinges. Must be purchased from a hardware store.
Each hinge requires 8 screws
4x #10 x 1-1/4" for door panel hinge leaf
3x #10 x 3/4" for jamb side hinge leaf
1x #10 x 2-1/4" for jamb side hinge leaf