Adjusting HOPPE Hinges

There are two types of HOPPE adjustable hinges, both of which are used on any swinging door panel:

Guide Hinge:

  • Allows for horizontal adjustment
  • Horizontal adjustment screw on door sash leaf (thicker leaf)
  • Non-handed; doesn't matter if door is right- or left-handed

Set Hinge:

  • Allows for vertical adjustment
  • Vertical adjustment screw on bottom central pin (under finial cap)
  • Handed; must purchase left- or right-hand guide hinge as needed

Both types of hinges are needed, so that door can be adjusted both up and down as well as side to side and made to sit square in door frame.

The following configurations of HOPPE hinges are recommended (first in list is top hinge, going down):

  • 3 Hinges: Guide, Set, Guide
  • 4 Hinges: Guide, Guide, Set, Guide OR Guide, Set, Set, Guide
  • 5 Hinges: Guide, Guide, Set, Set, Guide

To Adjust HOPPE Hinges:

Note: Door can be open or closed when adjusting vertically, but must be open when adjusting horizontally.

Adjust Vertically First (if adjusting both vertically and horizontally):

  1. 1) Remove the finial cap from the bottom of the center pin. Use fingers, a flat head screwdriver or plastic putty knife to do this--it simply pops off.

  2. 2) While holding the door up by the knob, or using a shim to prop the door up to the necessary height, insert a 3/16" hex wrench into vertical adjustment screw and tighten (turn clockwise) to raise door panel in frame, or loosen (turn counter-clockwise) to lower panel in frame.

    • Note: If door has two set hinges, adjust upper-most hinge first, turning to desired tightness or looseness depending on door position; next, move to lower set hinge, insert wrench and turn screw in same direction 1/8 of a turn past the point where you start feeling resistance. This allows weight of door panel to be carried evenly by both hinges.

  1. 3) Replace finial cap.

Adjust Horizontally Next:

  1. 1) Insert hex wrench into horizontal adjustment screw on door sash leaf of guide hinge.

  2. 2) Turn clockwise to move door closer to hinge-side of door frame; turn counter-clockwise to move door away from hinge-side.