Fuhr New Style Lock Case 35/92 Multipoint or Single Point Replacement Lock Case

Part Number: 499010035
Price: $145.00

IMPORTANT - This will NOT fit all Fuhr Locks

If the lock case does not look like the picture and has 3 screws connecting the gearbox to faceplate, it will not work. 

Fuhr new style gearbox for lift lever with an 8mm spindle 92mm centers 

This Fuhr Mortise lock case will only replace the newer style multipoint locks that are attached to the faceplate with three screws.

There is an older style, that does not have screws and this will NOT work.

See Additional images to verify which lock you have.

Method to Connect Lock Case to Face Plate: 3 Screws

Faceplate: None

Backset: 1-3/8 inch (35mm)

Handle PZ: 3-5/8inch (92mm) 

Spindle Hub: 5/16 inch (8mm) 

Screw Thread: M4 

Top to bottom connection Screw: 7-13/16 inch

Bottom Screw to Center Screw: 4-1/4 inch

Top Screw to Center Screw: 3-9/16 inch

Note: To change handing, remove 5/64 Hex head screw holding latch, reverse and re-install screw.