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Fuhr/Caradco Roller/Shoot Version, Active 35-1/2 inch Handle Height - See Replacement Option

Part Number: 499017699
Price: See Description

Replace with 4990236-KIT

Replace with 4990236-KIT
Discontinued - this is the OLD Fuhr 5-point lock used by Caradco
Compare the following measurements to confirm that you have this same Lock

5 Point Lock with 2 rollers, 2 shoot-bolts and a dead-bolt
Overall Length: 77 inches (1956mm)
Width of Faceplate: 5/8 inch ( 16mm)
Faceplate Thickness: 7/64 inch (2.7mm)
Faceplate Finish: Yellow Zinc Plated
Handle PZ Distance: 3-5/8 inch (92mm)
Spindle Diameter: 5/16 inch (8mm)
Handle Height - 35-7/16 inches
Backset: 1-3/8 inch (35mm)

Two Shoot Bolts, one at top and one at bottom.
Shoot-bolt Throw: 23/32 inch (18mm)

Two Roller Cams located 13-3/8 inch above and 13-15/16 inch below from center of handle with Rollers in locked position. (rollers in down position)
Rollers: Adjustable with 4mm allen wrench
Sticker on some locks U2/KOP or 10W / KOPB

3-point lock; Shoot-bolts only at top and bottom of door
Includes gear box, middle extension arm, and top and bottom shootboltsArticle: How to Replace FUHR lock in Caradco Door