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Fuhr 80 inch Roundbolt Multipoint Lock 45mm backset - Discontinued - See Replacement Options

Part Number: 499014799
Price: See Description

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Discontinued Item - Please Read All Information - Replacement Available

This is an 80\" Roundbolt Version Multipoint Lock with a Backset of 45mm (1-3/4\")
It features 2 Roundbolt locking devices.
One is located 32-1/8\" above the center of the Handle Cylinder
The other is located 26-1/4\" below the center of the Handle Cylinder

This lock is no longer available for purchase and must be replaced.

Discontinued Fuhr Roundbolt Measurements:
Faceplate: 5/8\" (16mm)
Backset: 1-3/4\" (45mm)
Handle Spacing (PZ): 3-5/8\" (92mm)
Handle Height: 39\" (914mm)
Overall Length: 80\" (2032mm)
Top Roundbolt Location: from center of Handle Cylinder up - 32-1/8\" (816mm)
Bottom Roundbolt Location: from center of Handle Cylinder down - 26-1/4\" ( 668mm)
Roundbolt box is 1-3/4\" in Depth and 5\" in Length.

We have developed a Roundbot Version Replacement Kit for the above mentioned lock. (See Replacement Options)

For detailed information on Lock Comparisons and Installation, please read: Replacing FUHR Roundbolt Multipoint Lock

Replacement Options:
4990247 - Roundbolt Version Replacement Kit

Additional Article: How to Change the Handing on a Fuhr Lock (Change direction of slope of latch)