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Double and Single Hung Tilt Window Finger Latches, Left and Right Pair

Part Number: 503103
Price: $4.25
Tilt-in Sash Latch used on Double or Single Hung vinyl windows

Nose Offset: 3/16 inch .187 ( 4.75mm)
Housing Length: 2-5/8"
Housing Width: 11/16"
Thickness: 7/16 inch
Latch Projection: 5/16"
Handed: Yes, Left and Right
Material: Plastic
Pat # 5,139,291 ( 5139291 )
Color Options: White or Almond
Priced and sold as a pair.

Additional Information:
* Housings are square or round ends, either will work on most windows
* Latch Bolt are Straight or Scallops, the scallops are mostly the larger widths and are interchangeable when widths are the same.
* Stile Snap on bottom of housing vary, some have number to ID the offset. This is not critical on most windows. This holds the housing in place.
* Thumb latch actuator is decorative only, does not matter which one you have, They all work the same.

Note: This finger latch assembly slides into a route in top of the window sash. Sometimes you can just push and it will slide out. If not, take a small block of wood and gently tap on the Round end till it slides out.