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Cifial Privacy Latch, Knob, 2-3/8" bs, Brass Tongue

Part Number: 481850003
Discontinued - See Options

Discontinued, Replacements in Description

Discontinued - Replacement Options Available

Cifial Privacy Latch, Knob, 2-3/8" backset, Brass Tongue

Function: Privacy, Bedroom or Bathroom
Type: Knob, with standard spring
Tongue Color: Satin Brass
Faceplate: None, Not included
Backset: 2-3/8 inch
Overall Length: 3-1/4 inches, not including spring latch
Hub Diameter : 5/16 inch (8mm) on the Square / 7mm on Diamond

48145332 - Privacy latch - We use this for both passage and Privacy, Heavy Levers 
                  If you have solid levers that are heavy, this is the better choice, just costs more
480653201*** - Privacy latch, Universal for Knobs or hollow Levers ( weaker spring )

*** Note: This privacy latch has a blocker in the spindle Hub hole. You will need to take latch apart and remove blocker for your spindle to work