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Andersen Multipoint Lock for A-Series Hinged Doors, 92-7/16", 2008-Present

Part Number: 9014689
Price: $228.74
A-Series Hinged, Inswing & Outswing, Door Active Panel 3-Point Lock Mechanism 9014689

Active Lock Mechanism FWHID80 Unit Number (2008 to present)
AndersenĀ® lock mechanism for A-Series Hinged Patio Doors
Manufactured for doors from 2008 to present
For door unit number FWHID80 - lock is 92-7/16 inches long

Overall Length: 92-7/16 Inches.
Faceplate Width: 7/8 Inch.
Backset: 2 inch
Center of handle, to center of Lock: 4-3/16
Center of Deadbolt to Center of Spring latch: 1-3/8 inch
Handle Height: 36 inch
Bottom Hook: 31-1/8 Inches (center of Handle to center of hook)
Top Hook: 51-1/2 inches (center of Handle to center of hook)
Center of both hooks: 82-5/8 inches

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A-Series Custom hinged doors come in 5 Standard widths and 3 standard heights, PLUS Custom sizes.
Exterior Fiberglass Protection cladding available in 11 colors
Interior available in 6 Woods, Oak, Maple, Pine, Fir, Cherry and Mahogany.
Optional Blinds between the Glass, 2 colors
Glass Packages in Dual Pane, Triple pane, Sun, Smart Glass and Low E coatings.