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Andersen Passive 2-Point Shootbolt lock 79-3/8 inch FWH611 Frenchwod Door - Stainless

Part Number: 2579778
Price: $247.46
Andersen PASSIVE 3 - Point Lock Mechanism. Lock box with locking hooks at top and bottom for Andersen Frenchwood Hinged Patio Door built from March 2003-present

Overall Length: 79-3/8 Inches.
Faceplate Width: 7/8 Inch.
Stainless Steel
This lock fits Andersen 6 foot 11 Inch Frenchwood Hinged Doors.

Andersen passive stainless steel multipoint locks can only be replaced with the stainless steel model.
This can not be used to replace the zinc dichromate (gold colored) passive lock.

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