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5/8 Standard Tip, Balance Rod, Choose Length - Red Bearing

Price: $19.95
Part Number: 72000
Price: $19.95
These are special order and may take multiple weeks to get in stock. Please be aware of that before ordering.Ê

Spiral balance rod with red bearing.

Comes with black (sometimes white) plastic shoe attached.

To order:Ê
1. Measure length of metal tube (do not include bearing)
2. With balance rod (spiral-y metal piece that sticks out of tube) pushed into the tube as far as it can go, measure length of rod.Ê

If Rod is NOT 1-5/8" longer than tube, this is not the correct replacement balance for you (See second image).

Tube Diameter: 9/16 inch (known as 5/8" in the industry)
Tube Length: Select from Drop-Down
Bearing Color: Red

Priced and sold each.

Note: These are NOT used on Keller windows. For Keller window balances, please see the double-extended tip balances: 72200