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20" Width: Shelter white clad wood casement sash Stiles & Rails, 20 Series - NO glass

Price:$317.00 to $372.00
Part Number: 9500020
Price:$317.00 to $372.00
All orders take 3-6 weeks to manufacture. This is a special order item.

Replacement sash for Shelter Window and Door of Des Moines, IA
All wood stiles and rails, are white clad aluminum & replace the primed wood

All Shelter casement windows use a standard 5/8 overall glass thickness.
Standard Glass Widths: 16, 20, 24, 28 inches.
Standard Glass Heights: 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 54, 60, 68 inches.

How to Tell if your window is Shelter !
All Shelter casement windows:
1. Have ''Shelter'' etched in the glass or on a sticker.
2. Are screwed together in corners - Sides.
3. Are 1-3/4 inches thick - inside to outside.
4. Have 1-7/8 inches wide Stiles & Rails - exterior measurement.
5. Have a rubber boot around 5/8 inch insulated glass.
6. Use 5/8 inch overall thickness insulated glass.
7. Exposed glass, measured from rubber boot, is 1 inch less than actual glass (odd number).
8. Formula for call size: Exterior sash measurement - minus 3-1/4 inch = actual glass size.

How to Determine What You Need:
Requires two measurements:
1. Exposed glass: Measuring exposed/visible glass area plus 1 inch would equal actual glass or call size. Example: 15 inch x 35 inch exposed glass (visible opening) = 16 x 36 actual glass or 1636 call size.
2. Exterior sash dimensions - minus 3-1/4 inches = call size.
Exterior sash size 23-1/4 x 63-1/4 = 2060 call size = 20 inch wide by 60 inch tall glass.

Sashes are paintable and stainable.

Note: Shelter clad sashes used extruded aluminum. Both primed wood and clad sashes used the same size glass and are interchangeable. The Shelter primed wood can be replaced with white clad windows.

How to Order:
1. Select proper width by choosing proper category (This listing is for 20 inch width).
2. Select proper height from drop down box listed for each series.
3. You will be receive 4 pieces per order. 2 stiles (sides), 2 rails (top and bottom).
4. Glass, screws and gasket not included. Reuse your existing parts

Shipping Information: Stock items will ship in 2-3 days. Non-stock items will take up to 4 weeks to manufacturer.

Priced and sold each.

How to Identify and Measure Shelter Windows