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Identifying and Measuring Shelter Windows

Identifying and Measuring Shelter Windows

Shelter Window & Door of Des Moines, Iowa went out of business in late 2010. We offer replacement sashes for their casement windows. To help control costs we ship sashes disassembled and without glass

Here are two pictures which define some common window terms (click to enlarge):

All Shelter casement windows use a standard 5/8 overall glass thickness
Standard Glass Widths: 16, 20, 24, 28 inches
Standard Glass Heights: 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 54, 60, 68 inches

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: How to tell if your window is Shelter!
  1. All Shelter casement windows have "Shelter" etched in the glass or on a sticker
  2. All Shelter casement windows are screwed together in corners - Sides
  3. All Shelter casement windows are 1-3/4 inches thick - inside to outside
  4. All Shelter casement windows have 1-7/8 inches wide Stiles & Rails - exterior measurement
  5. All Shelter casement windows have a rubber boot around 5/8 inch insulated glass
  6. All Shelter casement windows use 5/8 inch overall thickness insulated glass
  7. Exposed glass, measured from rubber boot, is 1 inch less than actual glass ( odd number)
  8. Formula for call size: Exterior sash measurement - minus 3-1/4 inch = actual glass size

Requires two measurements:

  1. Exposed glass: Measuring exposed / visible glass area plus 1 inch would equal actual glass or call size. Example: 15 inch x 35 inch exposed glass (visible opening) = 16 x 36 actual glass or 1636 call size.
  2. Exterior Sash Dimensions - minus 3-1/4 inches = call size
    Exterior sash size 23-1/4 x 63-1/4 = 2060 call size = 20 inch wide by 60 inch tall glass

NOTE 1: Shelter Clad sashes used extruded Aluminum - The primed wood will replace clad windows.
NOTE 2: Both Primed wood and Clad sashes used the same size glass and are interchangeable.

  1. Go to the Shelter sash page on our website.
  2. Select proper width for category Series, 16, 20, 24, 28 glass width
  3. Select proper height from drop down box ( below ) listed for each series
  4. You will be receiving 4 pieces per order - 2 stiles (sides), 2 rails (top & bottom)
  5. You will not receive glass, screws or gasket - reuse your existing parts

Paint grade interior - Yellow pine, small knots or possible blemishes - Standard pricing shown
Stain grade interior - Clear yellow pine, no knots - add $35 per sash

Stock items will ship in 2-3 days
Non-stock items will take 10-14 days to manufacture