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2-3/4 inch Backset Deadbolt Latch, Square Face - Brass

Part Number: 40043
Price: $27.50
2-3/4 inch (70mm) backset Deadbolt latch only- Square faceplate.
This deadbolt latch is designed to be used with a Specific Lockset ( 2nd Image)
Note 1: The latch does not have holes for screw posts - the screw posts used with this lock must be above and below the cylinder.
Note 2: There is a small dimple in the center of the slot on the 40043 deadbolt latch - this is designed to stop the tailpiece from going all the way through on some applications. - If using this to replace the Prado or some other similar latch, it might be necessary to slightly file, the flat tail piece on the key cylinder so it will pass through.
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