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16mm AGB Multipoint Lock with Top and Bottom Shootbolts, 41-5/16" HH, 92mm PZ - Choose Backset

Part Number: 49915000-KIT
Price: $315.00

AGB Unitop 3 point lock with Deadbolt and upper & lower shootbolts.

AGB Unitop is Activated by Lifting handle - Deadbolt extends and bottom shootbolt move down and Top shootbolt moves up 

This is the main assembly and includes upper shootbolt tip  with lower shootbolt attached 

It is a replacement assembly designed to have the bottom and top cut to length for various handle and door heights. 


Brand: AGB

Model: Unitop, 3-point lock with shootbolts

Door Height: 70.86 - 82.67 inches (1800-2100mm)

Faceplate Width: 5/8 inch (16mm)

Backset: Varies from 25mm to 55mm

Cylinder Type: Euro Profile - Not included 

Key Position: Below lever

Handle - Cylinder PZ: 3-5/8" ( 92mm )

Handle Height: 41-5/16 inches (1050mm), Shootbolt attached 

Spindle Diameter: 5/16 inch (8mm)

Overall Faceplate Length: 75-5/8 inch (1920mm) Without top shootbolt attached

Locking Device: Deadbolt and 2 Shootbolts, Top and bottom of door

Shootbolt Throw: 9/16 inch ( 15mm)  

Markings on Faceplate: 455, 92, 120,180,1800-2100

Included Components: Non-Stock, Normal lead time is 10-14 days

A41455.xx.09.853 - Main Assembly (xx = backset)

A40486.00.01 - 180mm Upper Shootbolt

1-3/8 inch (35mm) Stainless Steel Screws (10)

Please choose your backset (edge of lock faceplate to handle center): from drop down box

 35mm / 1-3/8 inch 

 40mm / 1-9/16 inch 

 45mm / 1-3/4 inch 

 50mm / 2 inch 

 55mm / 2-13/16 inch 

Handle Note: To change Handle Height, you will need 120mm bottom shootbolt A40486.00.02.

Minimum Handle Height: 37-5 /16" (948mm) by cutting lock face

Maximum Handle Height: 45-5/16" (1150mm) by cutting lock face

Activate locking points by Lifting handle - Engages all locking points. Deadbolt extends and bottom shootbolt moves down and Top shootbolt moves up. Turn key or thumb turn to secure in locked position.

To Change Handing: Remove screw in latch, rotate and reinstall screw.

Installation Note:

This Multipoint lock may require cutting the top and bottom faceplate with a hacksaw and attaching shootbolt tips.

For doors greater than 82.677 inches (2100mm) it will require one or more extensions.

For Shorter doors, cut the lock face plate. Cut range up to 11.81 inches (300mm)