Weather Shield 1/2" Ribbed Channel Balance for Vinyl Jambliners, #17 End Bracket Attached

Price: $22.95
Part Number: 620217WS
Price: $22.95
This part is no longer readily available. Limited to existing inventory.
Most customers with this balance, are able to replace it with part 620202

Weather Shield 1999 - 2005 Premium Wood and Clad Window used #17 Color coded end bracket
The Block & Table Channel balance came in Beige and White color to match Jambliner
The Color codes for end brackets are as follows:
White B or R Regular Duty
Black HD Heavy Duty
Blue TG Triple Duty
Green G Extra Heavy Duty
Red TGX Super Duty

*Please note: these were made for wood windows with vinyl jamb liners. NOT vinyl windows. 

1/2" Ribbed Channel Balance D70 for Jambliners, #17 End Bracket Attached
Used on Wood double hung tilt in windows
Channel Balance Width: 9/16 inch
Channel Balance Depth: 5/8 inch
Channel Balance Length: varies, 10 to 52 inches

Please note: 620202 replacement balances work with most Weathershield pivot pins. The pivot pins designed to work with this shoe are available here: 
640015 and 640016