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Marvin E-Z Tilt Pac Balance - Blue Clutch

Part Number: 93500003
Price:$9.14 to $10.73

***We are phasing these out. Replace with 620202 series channel balances*** 

We are selling off inventory in particular sizes that we still have stock of. 

Marvin Tilt Pac and Obsolete E-Z Tilt Double Hung and Single Hung windows

The  E-Z tilt Balanced Clutches are color coded, Each Sash Requires two Balances.

Marvin Top or Bottom Balance, Extra Heavy Duty (XHD) with Blue clutch

To Order Channel Balance

There are 2 Drop down Boxes, one for the numbers and one for the Sash Location

1. Select the number on the balance 

2. Select Top or Bottom Sash 

The sash is the part of the window that moves up and down.

Originally priced and sold as each, we suggest replacing in pairs 

Note: Clutch color determines weight

93500001 - White - Regular Duty

93500002 - Black - Heavy  Duty

93500003 - Blue - Extra Heavy Duty

93500004 - Brown - Super Heavy Duty