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  • Video: How To Install Wafer Cylinders In Keller Sliding Doors (Also Works With Other Sliding Patio Doors)
VIDEO: How to Install Wafer Cylinders in Keller Sliding Doors (Also works with other sliding patio doors)

This video demonstrates the process for removing and reinstalling keyed wafer cylinders in Keller brand (and others) sliding patio doors.

There are two different styles of wafer cylinders: cylinders with C-clips to hold them in place in the handle, and cylinders with spring loaded plates that keep them in place. We show how to remove and install both.

Wafer Cylinders for Sale at All About Doors & Windows:
15035 - Keyed Cylinder, Wafer-Type Lock for 1-inch Thick Sliding Door
15036 - Wafer Cylinder Lock for Sliding Glass Door
15037 - Wafer Cylinder Lock used by Manufacturers like Wright and Others
15038 - Wafer Key Lock for 1-1/2 Inch Thick Doors
15039 - Wafer Key Lock for 1-1/8 Inch Thick Doors
15043 - Wafer-Type Key Cylinder