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45.5 / 45.5 New Style HOPPE Non-Logo Active 90 Keyed Profile Cylinder Lock

Part Number: 414545010
Price:$99.83 to $152.42
New style 90 degree HOPPE non-logo keyed profile cylinder with crescent knob.

Used on doors that are 2-1/8 to 3 inches thick.

Keyway: Schlage C
5 Pin
Comes with 2 Keys and 90 degree release tool

The new style 90 degree allows homeowner to look at thumb turn and know if door is locked or unlocked.

This cylinder can be converted to a 360 degree cylinder.

Inside Distance = 1-13/16 inch (45.5 mm)
Outside Distance = 1-13/16 inch (45.5 mm)
Overall (inside + outside) = 3-5/8 inches (91 mm)

Installation Instructions:
1. Remove Thumb Turn
2. Insert Aux. Tool and pull down on Release Tab
3. Turn cam and insert into lock.
4. Replace Thumb turn.

Color/Finish Options:
Rustic Umber (F8709)
Oil Rubbed Brass (F79)

Resista no-tarnish finishes:
Polished Brass (F77-R)
Satin Nickel (F42-R)

Note: Some colors may be special order, resulting in longer shipping times.

HOPPE Cylinder Installation and Rekeying