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Bilt Best Primed wood casement sash stiles and rails 20" width (glass size); glass not included)

Price:$275.00 to $425.00
Part Number: 9500120
Price:$275.00 to $425.00

Bilt Best wood casement sash stiles and rails - 4 piece Kit

Bilt Best went out of business in late 2010 after more than 60 years of operation. 
We offer replacement sashes for their casement windows. To help control costs we ship sashes disassembled and without glass.

All Bilt Best casement windows use a standard 5/8 inch overall glass thickness
Standard Glass Widths: 12, 16, 18, 20, 24, 28 inches
Standard Glass Heights: 22, 28, 34, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66 inches

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: How to tell if your window is Bilt Best!
1. Bilt Best casement window operators had Bilt Best on the handle (see picture)
2. Glass is set in sash with extruded butyl and pinned in corners
3. All Bilt Best casement windows use 5/8 inch overall thickness insulated glass
4. Exposed glass is 1 inch less than actual glass (odd number)
5. Formula for call size: Exterior sash measurement - minus 3 inches = actual glass size

Requires two measurements:
1: Exposed glass: Measuring exposed (visible glass area) plus 1 inch would equal actual glass or call size. Example: 15 inch x 35 inch exposed glass (visible opening) = 16 x 36 actual glass or 1636 call size.
2: Exterior Sash Dimensions - minus 3 inches = call size
Exterior sash size 23 x 63 = 2060 call size = 20 inch wide by 60 inch tall glass

NOTE 1: We now offer cladded units for Bilt Best windows, in 3 colors
NOTE 2: Units are sold KD (knocked down) and without glass; you will need to find a skilled expert to help you install the glass in the sash. For an increased shipping fee, sash can be shipped fully assembled with glass, but you must call to order. Local customers (in KC metro area) can call to order fully assembled unit with glass for pickup. 

1. Select proper width by choosing category within Bilt Best section 
2. Select proper height from drop down box (below) listed for each series
3. Choose wood: Paint or Stain grade
4. Choose Primed wood or Metal Clad exterior 
5. You will be receiving 4 pieces per order 2 stiles (sides) and 2 rails (top & bottom); parts are NOT assembled
6. You will not receive glass

Paint grade interior - Pine, small knots or possible blemishes - Standard pricing shown 
Stain grade interior - Clear pine, no knots - add $35 per sash

Stock items will ship in 2-3 days
Non-stock items will take 10-14 days to manufacturer