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IPD Multi-Point Lock Installation Guide

Service Procedure - Peachtree IPD  Mortise Lock # 37400034 OX / 37400035 XO
Before you do anything be sure you have the correct lock with the proper handing. 
This lock has a panic feature from the inside that allows unlocking the  door by using only the handle. Be sure your lock is assembled correctly, and the panic feature is on the inside - not the outside. 

The locks are handed from the factory but can be changed in the field.
Please do not try replacing lock till after you watch online video  and review these instructions.

Remove Existing IPD lock  - READ all instructions before starting
1. Remove active door panel from frame. 
2. Remove all brass cover plates from edge of door panel. 
3. Deadbolt must be in locked position.  (fully extended position). 
4. Remove handle set. 
5. Insert 3/32 allen head wrench into top  hole in the face of the mortise lock. 

6. Release set screw with two complete counterclockwise turns,   
7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for bottom hole in face of mortise lock. 

8. Reach into hole in top of door panel with needle nose pliers (use surgical type forceps if possible) and grasp operating rod. Gently remove rod by pulling through hole. 
(The latch may need to be pulled or pushed slightly to release  drive bar)
9. Repeat step 3 for bottom bar.  
10. Remove (2) screws holding mortise lockset in edge of door. Remove lockset.

Install New IPD Mortise Lock
First and foremost – you should have already checked new lock for
Handling, Panic Release and Deadbolt will extend and retract. 
11. Insure proper handing of new mortise lock and install. 
Note: If top and bottom auxiliary bolts are removed, be careful, the latch will fall out of housing;  re-Install at this time making sure the handing is correct. (marking Auxillary boxes prior to removal may help)   
12. Re-install brass handle set and activate deadbolt on mortise lock box. (extend bolt)
13. Locate and loosen alien head set screws (top and bottom) with 3/32 alien wrench. 
14. Install one alignment key into hole directly above protruding bolt in mortise lock.

15. Replace top rod (marked " T " on end with hole), insuring all notches face edge of door panel.   (insert slowly to avoid damaging plastic liner in auxiliary module). 
Note: To get this small metal pin to pass though the Aux. Module the latch must be pushed in flush with the face-plate.

Note: To get the Plastic rollers set in the Aux. Module the latch has to be extended – Notch facing to edge of door.

17. Insert second alignment key into Aux. Module, slot closest to the top of the door. 
18. Slowly pull drive rod out until key drops into slot. 

19. Tighten set screw and remove alignment key from Top Aux. Module. 

20. Depress bottom bolt with finger and insert bottom drive rod through the bolt until the first roller passes through (you should feel one bump). Follow steps 16-19 from here.

After set screws are tightened, Remove all alignment keys .
21. Check operation of Lock (deadbolt, panic release and thumbturn release), 
22. Replace face plates and re-install door panel into frame.

Note: Lubrication of components with silicone spray Is recommended prior to installation.