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Fuhr Multi-Point Locks

Please take 10 minutes to read this information to assist yourself in finding the correct FUHR multipoint lock. Most brands have their name or logo on the faceplate, Fuhr's is located between latch and deadbolt.

There are certain measurements that are absolutely necessary and information needed when replacing an existing lock or installing a new one.

1. Locking Device Type:
2. American or Euro Cylinder:
3. Face Plate Width:
4. Automatic or Manual Lock:
5. Handle to Cylinder Spacing:
6. Backset:
7. Dead Bolt Throw:
8. Handle Height:
9. Bottom Locking Position(s):
10. Top locking position(s):
11. Overall Length:
12. Replacement Options:

1. Locking Device Type: There are several versions: Roller, Tongue, Shootbolt, Roundbolt, Hook,or a combination of shootbolt with the other types.

Shootbolts are made for active and inactive doors. If you have double French doors, the active door is the one you normally walk through. The inactive door is normally closed but will open when the shootbolts or other types of locking devices are retracted.

2.American or Euro cylinder: There are several types of keyed cylinders used on the Fuhr Multi-point or single point locks. The shape of the cylinder and lock body are different. CES keyed lock cylinder was most common on the Euro / Profile type cylinders. The older style CES cylinders had a round or crescent thumbturn and would rotate 360 degrees. The new style CES cylinders rotate 90 degrees. The cylinders come out differently.

3.Face plate width The face plate is the metal that runs the length of the door edge. The old style Fuhr were Yellow Dichromate Steel – goldish color. The standard width was 5/8 inch (16mm). Some doors had a wider plate that was 25/32 inch (20mm). Most of the current replacements have a stainless steel faceplate.

4. Automatic or Manual lock: The Fuhr Automatic version had a round roller 7-1/4 inch (184.15mm) above the handle. This was designed to hit a strike plate on the jamb and the locking devises would automatically engage without lifting the handle.
The manual version was less problematic. After the door was closed, one would lift the handle to engage the locks; then turn thumbturn to engage center deadbolt

Note: The replacement lock has the roller located at 6.54 inches (166mm) There is a difference of about ¾ inch (19mm). This will be part of the decision on whether to replace with the automatic or manual version.

If you have an Automatic, we recommend replacing with a manual version. The existing roller strike plate, on door jamb, can be left in place and won’t have to be relocated.

5.Handle to cylinder spacing (PZ): Handle spacing is from the center of handle to center of key cylinder / thumb turn. The Fuhr multi-point lock had two different handle spacings. The most common was 3-5/8 inch (92mm), this seems to be on 95% of all locks that we have replaced. The other, less common, was 2-3/4 inch (70mm).

Fuhr locks seems to have just two sizes; Some other brands have 69mm, 72mm, 85mm; However the standard in the United States is 92mm.

6. Backset: The backset is the measurement from the edge of the lock faceplate to the center of the Handle / Cylinder.

Fuhr locks have mainly the 1-3/8 inch (35mm) and 1-3/4 inch (45mm) backsets. When measuring with the lock in the door, take care to notice if the lock is set back into the door panel. Don’t measure from the edge of the door, measure from the edge of the metal faceplate.

7. Dead Bolt throw: The deadbolt throw is how far the bolt extends beyond the faceplate of the lock. The Standard deadbolt throw on Fuhr locks is ¾ inch (19mm). The replacement locks are available in 1 inch (25.4mm) or ½ inch (14mm). We normally replace with the ½ inch bolt, so additional mortising is not needed. 1 inch (25.4mm) is available on request.

8. Handle Height: The handle height is the measurement from the center of the handle down to the bottom of the faceplate or door edge. Most doors have a standard 36 inches (914mm) handle height. However, Fuhr lock had a variety of heights.

The replacement locks can be cut at either end to adjust for these differences. The exception are doors with shootbolts. These may require modifications, So please READ and understand all notes before ordering any multi-point locks.

9.Bottom Locking Position(s): The bottom locking position is measured in the locked position; from the center of the handle to the center of the roller or roundbolt, or the bottom of the Tongue. Depending on your version. The locking devices are NOT located in the same place and will vary by type. When you have a Roller, Tongue, Hook or other locking devices on your door measure carefully.

Roller, Roundbolt and Hook Versions – Locked and measured to center of roller/bolt/hook

Tongue Version – Locked and measured to bottom of tongue.

10. Top locking position(s): The top locking position is measured in the locked position; from the center of the handle to the center of the roller or roundbolt, or the bottom of the Tongue. Depending on your version. The locking devices are NOT located in the same place and will vary by type.

11.Overall Length: The overall length is measured from the top to the bottom of the faceplate, most run the full length / height of door.

12. Replacement Options: There are several options, some are perfect, others not. Depending on your carpentry skills or what you want as an end result we have several options for your Fuhr multipoint locks. To find a replacement for your lock, find the original lock on our page. It will be marked as discontinued but most have a replacement lock listed and a link to step-by-step directions for replacement.