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Weatherstrip, Pella Designer Series Hinged Door, 95" - Black

Part Number: 9060107
Price: $91.19
Please Note: NOTE: Shipping items over 48" is extremely extensive. Due to the physical dimensions of this item and in order to best serve our customers, we reserve the right to adjust shipping costs when shipped straight. We will notify the customer prior to adjustment, and the order may be cancelled at their discretion.

Designer Series hinged door weatherstrip.
Used on the T-astragal and door frame.

Installation: Kerf Type
Bulb Diameter: 1/2 inch
Base Width: 7/8 inch
Length: 95 inches
Color: Black.

Priced and sold by the stick.
NOTE: Shipping items over 48" is extremely extensive.
Price is based on shipping one (1) 95" length straight, if you want a better price contact office.
This 95" piece can be folded in HALF or THIRDS for shipping, this may put a kink in the barb, which may be cut out , if necessary, when installing weatherstrip.