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Weather Shield Visions 1000 Vinyl Single Hung Window 7/16" Channel Balance

Price:$9.95 to $10.95
Part Number: 62845
Price:$9.95 to $10.95
Weather Shield Visions 1000 and 2000 series vinyl single hung tilt window - Special Size channel balance
NOTE: This Channel Balance has been discontinued by Weather Shield, we have limited quantities of White and Tan, when we exhaust supplies the new ones will be Special order. IF you don't see your size - Contact Customer Service

Application: Weather Shield 1000 series single hung vinyl window
Balance Type: 7/16 Ribbed Channel
Channel Width: 1/2 inch (smaller than normal)
Channel Depth: 7/16 inch (smaller than normal)
Call Size: Example, Number on balance varies IE: 31TGX (Length and Weight Code)
Channel Length: Example, 31TGX - 31 = glass size, actual channel balance length 32 inch
Weight Code: 31TGX - TGX = Extra Heavy Duty (codes run from A - TGX)
Channel Balance Color: White, Tan
Balance Shoe: Knife Point Locking cam

Additional Information:
The Larger 1/2 inch (# 620217) channel balance will NOT work. If we are out of the color white or tan, we will send the color we have in stock. If we do not have your color choice, the replacement will a special order Aluminum finish (mill) and may take 3-6 weeks to receive.