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Unavailable Tandem Roller assembly, Ultra C2 with 1-1/4 inch steel wheels

Part Number: 132999
Price: $9.95

Discontinued and no longer available

Discontinued Tandem Roller assembly made by Ultra with 1-1/4 inch steel wheels

Replacement requires minor modification.

Used by Metal Industries, Capitol and others 

Number of rollers: 2

Wheel Type: Steel, ball bearing

Roller Diameter: 1.25 inch 

Housing Height: 1.03 inches

Max Raised Height: 1.855 inches

Minimum lowered Height: 1.44 inches

Housing Width: .680 or .720 inches at rivets

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13092 - 3/4 inch Housing, with 1-1/4 diameter Steel Wheel 

Note: C-2 is the adjustment range for the roller assembly. With the 1-1/4 wheel, the replacement would adjust from 1.29 to 1.74 inches 

Installation Note:

The Ultra C2 Roller assembly is replaced with our 13092 dual roller. See the 4th image for more detail on replacement.

1. Remove bottom rail.

2. Remove old roller.

3. The new roller has a hole in the top for a 10-32 screw. Position new roller in about same place and mark where the top hole will be in the rail. Remove roller

4. Drill a hole though the bottom rail to attach a screw into new roller assembly.

5. Insert new roller into rail and using 10-32 low profile screw (or countersink ) attach roller assembly to rail.

6. The adjusting screw and frame screws have changed position. The adjusting screw is at the bottom. It may be necessary to enlarge hole to access adjustment screw.