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Truth Mounting Bracket - 40636 Round / Cylindrical Rivet

Part Number: 556067
Price: $19.95
Truth Mounting Bracket for Multi-Point Sash Lock Used in Tie Bar Applications.
Used with 55653 and 55654 Sash Locks.
Number 40636 is embossed in mounting bracket with a round / cylindrical nylon sleeve for rivet.
The mounting plate is Truth # 40539

Note: There are two different Brackets -
# 556066 have a tapering nylon sleeve on the rivet that these handles operate.
# 556067 that has a cylindrical nylon sleeve, The end attachments look different also.

Screw Holes: 3-7/16 inches
Rivet to Tip: 3-1/2 inches
Length: 7 inches

Available in powder-coated finish or yellow dichromate.

Please specify finish below.

Priced and sold each.
Limited to existing inventory. Once sold out, replace with kits 55653 or 55654.
No returns, refunds, or exchanges.