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Truth Mounting Bracket - 40538 Cone / Tapered Rivet

Part Number: 556066-EG
Price: $19.95
Truth Mounting Bracket for Multi-Point Sash Lock Used in Tie Bar Applications.
Used with 55664 and 55665 Sash Locks.
Number 40538 is embossed in mounting bracket with a tapered / cone-shaped nylon sleeve for rivet.
The mounting plate is Truth # 40539

Note: There are two different Brackets -
# 556066 have a tapering nylon sleeve on the rivet that these handles operate.
# 556067 that has a cylindrical nylon sleeve, The end attachments look different also.

Screw Holes: 3-7/16 inches
Rivet to Tip: 3-1/2 inches
Length: 7 inches

Priced and sold each.
Limited to existing inventory. Once sold out, replace with kits 55664 or 55665.
No returns, refunds, or exchanges.