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Tru-Lock Deadbolt / Multipoint lock Solutions Kit

Part Number: 40121
Price: $253.12
Tru-Lock dead bolt/multipoint lock solutions kit.

Converts standard single dead bolt lock to a multipoint type lock.

Besides adding security, the multipoint lock helps prevent door warpage and creates a tighter seal.

Measurements / Specifications:
Deadbolt Spacing: Approximately 18-1/2 inches between bolts
Front Face Plate Overall Length: 24-5/8 in.
Width of Face Plate: 19/32 in.
Back Length (portion that goes inside the door cavity): 22-1/8 in.
Length of Bottom Wider Portion Plate: 2-1/4 in.
Width of Bottom Wider Portion Plate: 1 in.
Depth of Lock: 3/4 in.
Strike Plate: 4-3/4 in. x 1-1/8 in.
Round Screw Hole Spacing: 4 in.
Slot Hole Spacing: 3 in.

Easy Install:
1. Remove existing dead bolt lock
2. Route or mortise door edge 5/8 inch wide x 3/4 inch deep
3. Mortise strike plates
4. Install new multipoint lock
Tools Needed: Router w/ guide, 5/8 inch straight router bit, wood chisel, drill

Works with Kwikset, Schlage, Weiser, Dexter, Weslock and other dead bolts.

Kit includes strike plates.

Priced and sold as a package.

Installation kit, with routers, fixtures, bits, etc. is also available: 40122
Installation kit is perfect for contractors or handymen doing multiple installations.