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Square Rosettes for Euro profile cylinder - Stainless

Part Number: 11537365
Price: $54.38

Hoppe Square Rosettes for Euro profile cylinder.

The outside is thicker than the interior, Requires an offset cylinder

Exterior Diameter: 2-3/16inch (55mm)2.165

Exterior Thickness:9/16 inch(15mm).590

Interior Diameter:2 inch (52mm) 2.04 i

Interior Thickness:3/8 inch(10mm).393

Screw Hole Spacing: 1-1/2 inch(38mm) 1.496

Fixing: Concealed screws, bolt through M5 Thread

Finish: Stainless

Base Material: Zamak Exterior, Steel Interior

Note: Zamak is base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminum, magnesium, and copper, typically used in die cast materials.