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Sliding Door Handle Screw Package 3-1/4 & 3/8

Part Number: 9070009
Price: $16.77

Sliding Door Handle Screw Package.

Includes: 2 Large Machine Screws, 1 Small Machine Screw, 1 Small Wood Screw, 2 Gaskets, 1 Plastic Washer, and 1 Compression Ring.
Large Machine Screw Length: 3 1/4 Inch
Gasket Length: 1-1/2 Inches
Gasket Width: 1-1/4 Inches
Small Wood Screw Length: 1/2 Inch
Small Machine Screw Length: 3/8 Inch
Compression Ring Diameter: 5/8 Inch
Plastic Washer Diameter: 5/8 Inch

Priced and Sold as Package.