Slide-On Bottom Sweep for 36 Inch Door- Beige

Part Number: 840005
Price: $14.95
Slide-on bottom sweep for 36 inch door in beige.
A rubber bulb slide-on sweep seals the bottom of the door so that air does not leave or enter your house when the door is closed.
This sweep may be cut down to fit a smaller door.

NOTE: This sweeps fits Taylor Doors, It will not work on Stanley.

Type: 2 Bulb, 5 Fin
Door Length: 36 Inch
Actual Length: 35-3/4 Inch
Fin / Bulb Length: 1/4 Inch
Inside: 1-1/2 Inch
Height: 1/2 Inch
Width: 1-9/16 Inch
Color: Beige

Contents: 1 Door Sweep

Priced and sold each.