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Sentinel upper Shootbolt Extension, 450 Series - SS

Part Number: 4440201
Price: $75.00
This is the Top Shootbolt section of the Sentinel XP25 Swing Multipoint Lock
This part, the 450 Top Shootbolt is 1 of 3 pieces of the multipoint lock
This Top Extension When used with 36 inch handle height is for a 77 inch tall door

Extension Width: 25/32 inch (20mm)
Overall Length: 18-15/32 / 18.468 inches (469mm) Shootbolt retracted
Shootbolt Tip: 450 Standard Series
Material: Stainless Steel

This is 1 of 3 pieces to a complete Lock. Each door has the following components
Bottom Shootbolt for 36" handle height
Middle Gear with 40.93" faceplate
Top Shootbolt; lengths vary according to door height.

Note: The bottom / Lower extension is made the same as the Upper, Handle height can be changed by using different length extensions.