Secury Automatic Multipoint Lock, Key Operated, 45/92 Gear Driven

Part Number: 6-40124-04-R-8B
Price: $397.85

GU Secury Automatic European Profile cylinder key operated, gear driven lock.

Use your key or thumb turn to lock and unlock door, Levers are not needed.

Used for a clean modern looking door, Optional Push / Pull bars and other accessories are available 

The Secury Automatic would be an excellent choice because there is no second operation to engage the multi-points to keep the door in alignment.   Every time the door closes the latches extend without lifting the handle.

Faceplate width: 5/8 inch (16mm)

Backset: 1-3/4 inch  (45mm) 

Handle Height:  41.338 inch  (1050mm) Croppable

Deadbolt Throw: 3/4 inch (20mm) 

Spindle Hub: 5/16 inch (8mm) 

Cylinder to Spindle: 3-5/8 inch (92mm)

Overall Length: Fits 8 foot Door 

Bottom Latchbolt Position: 23-1/2 inch ( 597mm)

Upper Latchbolt Position: 41-7/16 inch (1052mm)

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Lock Operation:

Simply close the door and all 3 latches extend  3/4 inch (20mm) to secure the door in the locked position.

Open the door with exterior key or interior thumb turn.

Turning Key or thumb turn 180° will retract deadbolt, and additional 180° will retract latches.

NOTE: Bluetooth devices will work with the Danalock Smart Lock Components.

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