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Screen Door Roller Assembly

Part Number: 9011001
Price: $29.00
Pella Screen Door Roller Assembly.

Made by Pella from 1991-2005.
Wheels for the screens are for the first generation patio doors manufactured between approximately 1967 through 1995. The new style screen doors use a trolley system on the topside of the door and no rollers.
Housing dimensions:
Width: 1-3/4
Height: 1-7/16 / 1-11/16
Thickness: 9/16
Nylon wheel Diameter: 1-3/8 l
Nylon wheel width: 3/8 inch
Note: Some housings have No Holes, Some 2 round holes, and some with round and slotted hole

Screen Roller Assembly has a 1-3/8 inch (34.9 millimeter) diameter wide groove nylon roller, with a zinc plated steel housing and a brass axle.
This roller assembly fits Pella screen doors.
Two rollers per pack.
Sold as a pre-packaged pair

How to Remove Pella Screen Door -
Assuming you have a Pella screen door with the screen on the inside.
The top has a spring that closes the door automatically. Remove the screw that is attached to spring.
Be careful not to let it snap and damage anything
If you look at the bottom track, you should see a couple of half moon shaped cutouts about 20-21" from the door edge. (6Wide Door )
Loosen the screws, on the rollers to take tension off
line up the rollers right above the half moon shaped cutouts then pull the bottom of the door towards you.
If you line up one roller up with each notch and pull the door toward you, it should come off easily.