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Roto OP06-7540 X-Drive Awning Operator

Part Number: OP06-7540-WG2
Price: $46.63
Roto X-Drive Series Awning Operator for Vinyl Windows.
Handle not included.

Thin Base for Vinyl Windows
Base Number OP06-1505
Arm Numbers: OP05-2019, OP05-2018, OP05-2017, OP05-2016
Color: G2 White, Bright

Arm Length: 13-3/8 inch
Outer screw hole centers: 3-3/16 inch
Body Width: 4-9/16 inch
5/16 inch diameter, projected spline
Markings: OP06-1507 Number stamped on base

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The X-Drive and Pro Drive are the same operator that uses a different crank handle.
The Pro drive operators have a hex shaped hole in the operator and the handle with a 5/16" hex stud pushes into operator.
The X-Drive has a spline that protrudes from the base and the handle fits onto it.
Roto OP06-7540-00
Roto OP06-7540-08
Roto OP06-7540-26