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Pocket Door Hanger, 4 nylon wheels, 7/8 diameter

Part Number: 25046
Price: $29.95
Four (4) roller 7/8 inch diameter Nylon Wheel
Width: 1-1/8 inch spacing to out side edge of wheels.
15/16 to center of wheels.
Length: 1 inches to center of wheels.
Note for 1 inch wheel # 25047

Material: Nylon
Mount: Top
Roller Edge Type: Convex
Roller Material: Nylon
Number of wheels: 4
Wheel Diameter: 7/8 inch
Wheel Shape: Oval
Center of wheels: 15/16 inch
Outside wheel Measurement 1-3/32 inch
Priced: Sold as Pairs. Priced as Pairs

SPECIAL NOTE: Will NOT Replace Stanley 1750 Series Pocket Door and By-Pass Roller Assembly with 4 wheels - Spacing is wrong - Pocket Door Roller Assembly with 4 wheels. 7/8 inch diameter, 1 inch spacing to center of wheels, 1-3/16 inch spacing to Outside of wheels. 15/16 to Center of Wheels.

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