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Pivot Lock Balance Shoe, 1-1/4 x 2-1/32 x 5/8, Rolox / Thermal-Gard

Part Number: 530018999

Discontinued and no longer available

Discontinued Pivot lock shoe used by Rolox, Thermal-Gard by Season-all and others.

NOT AVAILABLE - Replace with 530018 New Style Thermal-Gard. Note: Replacement requires minor modification
  • Pivot lock shoe must be trimmed - See images
  • Enlarge hole in side jamb - See images

This window is made of aluminum with a vinyl wrap, it looks like a vinyl window, but structurally it is aluminum.

The original shoe was .631 inches thick, the replacement is .643 inches thick about 1/64 inch difference. Just enough that the replacement will not function properly.
Be Sure and Use Safety Glasses and other safety equipment to prevent bodily harm.
  1. The replacement shoe needs to be trimmed. (See Image #1) This can be done with a razor knife or fine sandpaper.
  2. Slide the Balance rod cover down or remove. The cut out for the shoe is 1-7/8" tall and has vinyl and aluminum burrs on both sides, and under the channel, making it impossible to install the new shoe without cleaning the aluminum and vinyl around the hole (See image # 2) -- This can be done with a razor knife and file, Dremel Tool, Oscillating Multi-Tool or your choice of other items.
  3. Enlarge the hole slightly, About a 1/4 +/- , in the window jamb depending on your application. (See Image # 3)
  4. After burrs are removed and hole enlarged, (see Image #4) spray a little silicone into the top of channel. Insert the replacement shoe and be sure it slides freely up and down channel.
  5. Re-install Spiral Tilt Balance, wind tension as needed to support the weight of your window, attach balance end to pivot block.
  6. Install Window sash and check the window slides up and down correctly.