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Peachtree Avanti Steel Door Weatherstrip, Q-Lon, 96 Length, Standard Reach Set - Choose Color

Part Number: 842048-96S-KIT
Price: $49.95
Complete Set Peachtree Avanti Steel Door Weatherstrip, used on Large Kerf door Jambs
Original Peachtree Avanti door had a 1/4 inch wide kerf in door frame
The Avanti door weatherstrip was black - Black is no longer available

Replace with New Style. 2-Part Vinyl insert and Replacement Weatherstrip.
Plastic Insert is 5/16 inch wide and will compress to 1/4 inch
The plastic insert is not available by itself.
Extended Length of 96 inches
For standard 81" length see 842048-81S-KIT

Available Colors:

THIS KIT IS SOLD AS: 3 piece SET (3 Standard Reach)
You will receive 2-96" sides and 1-36" piece for the top of the Standard Reach weatherstrip.  
You will ALSO receive 5 Pieces  of plastic insert (48")  used with weatherstrip.

Note 1:
This weatherstrip can be installed 2 ways:
1. Peachtree suggests installing Plastic insert 1st, then install the Weatherstrip
2. We think it is easier to put plastic insert and weatherstrip together before installing.
May require using a block of wood to tap into some doors with tight kerfs.

Reach Options:
Standard Reach Set - Used on doors that are in regular or good working condition.
Extended Reach Set - Used on doors that are out of square or warped.

Note 2:
Extended Reach Weatherstrip can NOT be used on hinge side of door - Lock side and Top only

SHIPPING: This part is shipped folded during our shipping process.
The fold puts a crease in the barb / bulb.
This will NOT affect performance when installed.

To have this part shipped straight, you need to add the $15 $15 Straight Shipping Upcharge to your shopping cart.
This upcharge guarantees that your weatherstrip is not folded during our packing process.

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