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Astragal Bolt Lever, Peachtree French Door

Part Number: 38520093
Discontinued / Unavailable
This item has been DISCONTINUED and is no longer available.

Peachtree Door Astragal Bolt Lever, Plastic
Used on Vintage II, Newport II and Avanti entry Doors.
Double doors and doors with operable sidelite.
Faceplate measures 1 x 4-1/4 Approx.
Sold Each, Priced Each.
The IPD door with 3-point lock used item 37400171 (discontinued)
Please Note: This item does NOT and can NOT replace item 37400171.

There are three screws on the bottom edge of the door where the two doors meet.
Take out the screws and the edge trim pulls out revealing a cavity for the bolt to slide up and down.
You have to put the latch in from the bottom very carefully so as not to deflect the trim or break it.
Slide the latch up to the hole and insert the bolt on the back slot and make sure the bolt slide easily through the slot in the bottom of the door.screw the latch in and replace the three screws at the bottom edge.

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