Peachtree Ariel 31-1/4-3 Channel Balance, 2472 Non-Tilt Window

Part Number: 31.25-3
Price: $24.50
Peachtree special channel balance used on Peachtree Ariel non-tilt windows only.
This is the non-tilt version, aluminum outside and wood inside, non-tilt Peachtree windows.

Number stamped on balance indicates unit size and weight.
The Channel Balance Length is 1 inch more than the number stamped on balance.

Number stamped on balance: 31-1/4-3
Channel Balance Length: 32-1/4 inches
Weight Capacity: 17 to 23 pounds
Peachtree Call Size: D2472
Priced and sold each.

Peachtree Ariel Single Hung windows have been discontinued, Some balances may not be available.
Best if replaced in pairs, If you want to reuse old balances that's great, but do not mix with new ones.

Channel balance is screwed to window and plastic end on cord goes into frame.
Sash needs to be removed to replace channel balance.
See Instructions Here